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Display Gardens & Wholesale Nursery

Come and visit to check out our Display Garden & Wholesale Nursery

Designer Garden Company has a Display Garden located on Sheridan Street, Cairns North and a Wholesale Nursery on Lake Street.  The Display Garden brings nature to the urban environment showcasing an assortment of native and exotic species, demonstrating the possibilities of landscape design in the region.  The Display Garden is open to the public via appointment Monday to Friday.

We have an extensive network of nurseries and private collectors to source and supply unique and rare plants from all over Australia suitable for our climate.  If there is a particular species you desire to have in your garden, we will be able to source it.

The majority of the plants used during construction projects are sourced from our own nursery.  We are constantly looking for and sourcing new species and varieties of plants.  All nursery plants are locally grown and suitable for the region.  Our full time nurseryman lovingly and meticulously nurtures and rears our plants from beginning to end, assuring our plants are healthy and strong for planting in their final destination.